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Short Description
Execute Ansible playbooks locally.
Full Description


This container is configured with Ansible and is suited for testing playbooks
intended to run locally on Linux systems based on Centos 7.


Volume Description
/project Directory containing the playbook
/vault Directory containing the vault password file (/vault/password)

Environment Variables

Variable Description Default Example
PLAYBOOK Playbook file to execute site.yml my_playbook.yml
EXTRA_VARS Extra variables for ansible-playbook foo=bar
VERBOSITY Verbosity level for ansible-playbook -vvvv

Build Instructions

docker build -t ansible-local repositories/ansible-local

Simple usage

docker run -v /home/user:/project -it ansible-local

Run a specific playbook

The following example demonstrates running a playbook located at /home/user/test.yml:

docker run -v /home/user:/project -e PLAYBOOK=test.yml -it ansible-local

Run playbook with --extra-vars

docker run -v /home/user:/project -e EXTRA_VARS='{ "foo": "bar" }' -it ansible-local

Run container with vault encryption

docker run -v /home/user:/project -v /home/vault:/vault -it ansible-local

Run container without executing playbook

In order to run the container without executing the playbook, start the container with
the norun flag.

docker run -v /home/user:/project -it ansible-local norun
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