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Cross-build Machinekit packages in Docker for `i386` and `armhf` using `gcc --sysroot`
Full Description

Machinekit Cross-Builder

This builds a Docker image containing multistrap system root trees
for Debian Jessie armhf and i386 architectures, with tools in the
native system to cross-build Machinekit packages.

The image is based on the docker-cross-builder image. For more
information, see that repo.

Using the builder

  • Pull/build desired Docker image: amd64, i386, armhf,

    • Pull:

      # Pull image, `armhf` tag, from Docker Hub
      docker pull dovetailautomata/mk-cross-builder:armhf
    • Build from Dockerfile:

      # Clone this repository; `cd` into the directory
      git clone
      cd mk-cross-builder
      # Build Docker image for `armhf`
      ./ build armhf
  • To build Machinekit in a Docker container with cross-build tools:
    see Machinekit repo scripts/build_docker; from the Machinekit base

      # Build source packages and amd64 binary packages
      scripts/build_docker -t amd64 -c deb
      # Build amd64 binary-only packages (no source)
      scripts/build_docker -t amd64 -c deb -n
      # Build amd64 (default) RIP build with regression tests
      scripts/build_docker -c test
      # Build armhf binary-only packages
      scripts/build_docker -t armhf -c deb
      # Interactive shell in raspbian cross-builder
      scripts/build_docker -t raspbian
      # Run command in `armhf`
      scripts/build_docker bash -c 'echo $HOST_MULTIARCH'
    • Note that -t amd64 is the default, and source package build is
      default only on amd64. With no -c,

Setting up automated builds

  • Create Github organization
    • In GitHub account: Create organization, e.g. my-mk-pkgs
    • Fork Machinekit repo into organization
    • Enable Docker builds on repo
      • Click the "Settings" tab
      • Click "Integrations & Services" on the left
      • Click "Add Service", and find and click "Docker"
  • Set up Travis CI
    • Create account
    • Link to GitHub
    • On upper right, drop-down menu, select 'accounts'
    • Click "Review and add your authorized organizations"; goes back to GH
      • my-mk-pkgs org should be checked
    • If org not on left side, click "Sync account" button
    • Click org on left side
      • Flip switch for repo on
    • Go to repo; drop-down "More options" menu choose "Settings"
    • Turn these "General settings" on:
      • Build only if .travis.yml is present
      • Build pushes
      • Build pull requests
  • Set up
    • Create account with free plan
    • Upper right drop-down menu, pick "API Token"; copy
    • On Travis CI repo settings, add these variables:
      • PACKAGECLOUD_USER: enter your user name (Display value: on)
      • PACKAGECLOUD_REPO: machinekit (Display value: on)
      • PACKAGECLOUD_TOKEN: paste your GH API token (Display value: OFF)
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