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Docker Android SDK extension with avd devices, python 2.7 for systrace and more.
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This repository contains the Dockerfile of the dpal/docker-android-sdk-tools image. Dockerfile is an extension of bitriseio/docker-android-alpha:latest with the following tools:

  • python 2.7 environment for systrace
  • avd system images and predefined emulator (named testdevice)


Pull image

From Docker Hub:

docker pull dpal/docker-android-sdk-tools:latest

Or build from GitHub:

docker build -t dpal/docker-android-sdk-tools

Run docker image

Run docker image with docker-composer:

docker-compose run --rm app bash

This command will also bind your current working directory into /var/android.

Android SDK tools

This is a short guide how to use android tools.


Here's an example how to run emulator inside container:

echo "no" | emulator64-arm -avd testdevice -noaudio -no-window -gpu off -verbose -qemu -usbdevice tablet

If you build with this image, don't forget to set sdk location in



Example how to build APK, build test APK and intall them on emulator:

./gradlew :app:assembleDebug :app:assembleDebugAndroidTest :app:installDebug :app:installDebugAndroidTest

Performance test

Run systrace with the following command:

python $ANDROID_HOME/platform-tools/systrace/ --time=10 -o ./trace.html gfx view res

More about android automated performance tests:

Docker Pull Command
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