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Docker for Firebase Test Lab.
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This repository contains the Dockerfile of the dpal/docker-firebase-test-lab image. With this container you can easily automate your Firebase Test Lab tests.



Before running a docker image, you prepare the following:

  • Find your credentials file, or create one (see below).
  • Find APKs you want to test.
  • Specify a folder (e.g. working directory) as docker volume and place those files into that directory.

Pull image

From Docker Hub

docker pull dpal/docker-firebase-test-lab:latest

Or build from GitHub

docker build -t dpal/docker-firebase-test-lab

Run docker image

Here's an example how to run this docker container:

docker run -v $PWD:/firebase -e "PROJACC=YOUR_EMAIL"  -e "PROJID=YOUR_PROJECT_ID" -e "DEVICE=Nexus5" -e "OS=22" --name firebase dpal/docker-firebase-test-lab


You can use the following environment variables:

  • PROJACC - your project account (e-mail address), required
  • PROJID - your project id, required
  • CRED - location of your credential file, defaults to: credentials
  • APP - location of your APK file, defaults to: ./app/build/outputs/apk/app-debug-unaligned.apk
  • TEST - location of your test APK file, defaults to: ./app/build/outputs/apk/app-debug-androidTest-unaligned.apk
  • DEVICE - test device (or devices), defaults to: Nexus5
  • OS - os version of test device (or devices), defaults to: 22
  • LOCALE - locale settings of test device (or devices), defaults to: en
  • ORIENTATION - screen orientation of test device (or devices), defaults to: portrait


Important! You should define a credentials file in order to run gcloud tool. If you don't have a credentials file, you can create one with the following steps.

1 - Run docker container on your host:

docker run --entrypoint bash -it dpal/docker-firebase-test-lab

2 - Type the following command and follow the steps:

gcloud auth login

3 - Your credentials file will be located at ~/.config/gcloud/credentials:

cat ~/.config/gcloud/credentials

4 - Copy conents of credentials and save on your host.

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