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Short Description
Image for building and testing meteor packages in CI environments. (It can be used for apps too.)
Full Description

Image for building and testing meteor apps in CI environments. I use this image with gitlab-ci to execute tests and build every checkin.

Uses ubuntu as base and adds:

  • npm
  • openssh
  • meteor
  • spacejam
  • git
  • a couple of libraries that are necessary to build
  • UTF8 locale config for mongo (You probably don't know you need this until you try it in docker)

The default command does very little, it just says "Ready for testing" but within .gitlab-ci.yml (or whatever you use for CI) you'll want to:

  • clone dependent, non-public packages into a package dir (e.g. in /build/packages)
  • set the PACKAGE_DIRS environment variable (e.g. export PACKAGE_DIRS=/build/packages)
  • checkout your project if it isn't automatically done for you (e.g. in /build/$YOUR_APP)
  • test or build your app using meteor build \build\app or spacejam test-packages ./
  • capture any artifacts, if desired (e.g. from \build\app)
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