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ownCloud docker container

What is ownCloud?

ownCloud is a software system for what is commonly termed "file hosting". As
such, ownCloud is very similar to the widely used Dropbox, with the primary
difference being that ownCloud is free and open-source, and thereby allowing
anyone to install and operate it without charge on a private server, with no
limits on storage space (except for hard disk capacity) or the number of
connected clients.

How to use this image

This ownCloud container was built with lightppd. It defaults to SQLite for the
DB ,but you can choose PostgreSQL or MySQL, for more performance.

Hosting a ownCloud instance on port 8000

sudo docker run -it --name owncloud -p 8000:80 -d dperson/owncloud

OR with a DB:

sudo docker run -it --name postgres -d postgres
sudo docker run -it --name owncloud --link postgresql:db -p 8000:80 -d \

AND/OR set the host name (important for the WebDAV feature):

sudo docker run -it -h --name owncloud -p 8000:80 -d \

AND/OR set local storage:

sudo docker run -it --name owncloud -p 8000:80 \
            -v /path/to/owncloud/directory:/var/www/owncloud/data -d \


sudo docker run -it --rm dperson/owncloud -h

Usage: [-opt] [command]
Options (fields in '[]' are optional, '<>' are required):
    -h          This help
    -p "<proxy>" Configure trusted_proxies
    -t ""       Configure timezone
                possible arg: "[timezone]" - zoneinfo timezone for container

The 'command' (if provided and valid) will be run instead of owncloud

ENVIRONMENT VARIABLES (only available with docker run)

  • PROXY - As above, configure the proxy, IE
  • TZ - As above, configure the zoneinfo timezone, IE EST5EDT
  • USERID - Set the UID for the app user
  • GROUPID - Set the GID for the app user


Any of the commands can be run at creation with docker run or later with
docker exec -it owncloud (as of version 1.3 of docker).

Setting the Timezone

sudo docker run -it --name owncloud -d dperson/owncloud -t EST5EDT

OR using environment variables

sudo docker run -it --name owncloud -e TZ=EST5EDT -d dperson/owncloud

Will get you the same settings as

sudo docker run -it --name owncloud -p 8000:80 -d dperson/owncloud
sudo docker exec -it owncloud -t EST5EDT ls -AlF /etc/localtime
sudo docker restart owncloud

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If you have any problems with or questions about this image, please contact me
through a GitHub issue.

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