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Alpine Linux + glibc + Zulu
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Based on frolvlad/alpine-glibc:alpine-3.6, adds Azul Systems'
Zulu J(DK|RE), version (7|8).


Existing efforts to provide certified OpenJDK builds in a Docker image based on
Alpine Linux have overwhelmingly focused on Oracle's JDK, which, as far as I'm
aware, is impossible to distribute in a Docker image without violating the
terms of Oracle's license.


  • zre-7 — JRE 7
  • zulu-7 — JDK 7
  • zre-8 — JRE 8
  • zulu-8 — JDK 8

There is no latest tag. Whether to base your image on a (smaller) JRE image
or one with a full JDK is a decision that should be made on a per-Dockerfile
basis. In an ideal world, a full JDK would never be required for deployment,
but sometimes it's required for compiling JSPs, etc.


JAVA_HOME is /opt/zulu. This variable is set from the Dockerfile and
/etc/profile.d/, along with adding $JAVA_HOME/bin to PATH.


This repository is made available under the terms of the MIT license. See
LICENSE for details.

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