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Docker image for alchemy2 MLN software: learnstruct, learnwts and infer
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Alchemy2 docker image

Run Alchemy2 MLN software (learnstruct, learnwts, infer, liftedinfer and runliftedinfertests) in any computer without the need of compiling it.

Note: Follow this doc if you prefer to compile Alchemy on Ubuntu7, instead of using a Docker image.


Put your MLN and db files in a directory such as /Users/david/data. For instance:

$ cd /Users/david
$ mkdir data
$ cd data
$ wget
$ wget
$ wget

Install Docker, and then execute this command to download and start a docker container with the alchemy software installed:

$ docker run -ti --name alchemy2 -v /Users/david/data/:/data dportabella/docker-alchemy2 bash

Now you can use alchemy in the container:

root@287784dd2500:/# mkdir /data/result/

root@287784dd2500:/# learnwts -d -i /data/smoking.mln -o /data/result/smoking-out.mln -t /data/smoking-train.db -ne Smokes,Cancer
Done learning discriminative weights.
Time Taken for learning = 6.14 secs
Total time = 6.14 secs

root@287784dd2500:/# infer -ms -i /data/result/smoking-out.mln -r /data/result/smoking.result -e /data/smoking-test.db -q Smokes,Cancer
Done MC-SAT sampling. 1000 samples.
Final ground predicate number: 10
Final ground clause number: 16
total time taken = 0.04 secs

# exit the container
root@287784dd2500:/# exit

Back in the host computer, you can delete the docker container and image:

$ docker rm alchemy2
$ docker rmi dportabella/docker-alchemy2

You have the results in your host computer:

$ ls /Users/david/data/result/
smoking-out.mln    smoking.result

$ cat /Users/david/data/result/smoking-out.mln
//predicate declarations

// 0.892755  Smokes(x) => Cancer(x)
0.892755  !Smokes(a1) v Cancer(a1)

// 0.883091  Friends(x,y) => (Smokes(x) <=> Smokes(y))
0.441545  !Friends(a1,a2) v Smokes(a1) v !Smokes(a2)
0.441545  !Friends(a1,a2) v Smokes(a2) v !Smokes(a1)

// 0       Friends(a1,a2)
0       Friends(a1,a2)

// 0.537004  Smokes(a1)
0.537004  Smokes(a1)

// -1.33406  Cancer(a1)
-1.33406  Cancer(a1)

$ cat /Users/david/data/result/smoking.result
Smokes(John) 0.728977
Smokes(Katherine) 0.433007
Smokes(Lars) 0.464004
Smokes(Michael) 0.89796
Cancer(Ivan) 0.409009
Cancer(John) 0.375012
Cancer(Katherine) 0.230027
Cancer(Lars) 0.306019
Cancer(Michael) 0.429007
Cancer(Nick) 0.409009

About Alchemy:

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated to the authors of the Alchemy software.

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