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Limnoria IRC bot using Alpine Linux and Python 3
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This is a Dockerfile repository for Limnoria, an IRC bot based on Supybot. The base is the official Python image using the 3.6-alpine tag (Python 3.6 on Alpine Linux). You'll probably need Docker to have any real fun.


If you just want the image an automated build is available on the Docker Hub. You can simply run:

docker run -v ~/limnoria:/data --rm -it dpyro/docker-limnoria


To create an image tagged limnoria in the current directory:

docker build -t limnoria .


docker run -v ~/limnoria:/data --rm -it limnoria

will run a ephemeral container from the limnoria image, mounting ~/limnoria to the data volume located at /data and connecting a tty.


The startup script will run a configuration (*.conf) if it is present. If there are multiple configurations, it will bail out. You will need to configure the bot using the built-in wizard if there is no configuration mounted.

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