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A high-performance Nginx base image for Docker to serve static websites.
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Source: kyma/docker-nginx


A docker image of Nginx v1.9.5+. DockerHub Page. A high-performance Nginx base image for Docker to serve static websites. It will serve anything in the /www directory.

Enable SSL

First, to obtain an SSL certificate:

To enable SSL, put your certs in a /ssl volume and then to enable the default-ssl site: docker run -e nginx_ssl=true dreamcat4/nginx. You will need the following 2 certificate files in your mounted /ssl volume:


Note: Enabling SSL does not disable HTTP access. Both methods are available and there is no automiatic redirect from HTTP --> SSL. Although there should be in here a reqrite rule to do this, unfortunately there isn't one.


The nginx.conf and mime.types are pulled with slight modifications from
the h5bp Nginx HTTP server boilerplate configs project at

File permissions

By default nginx will run as the nginx user and group. With a default uid:gid of 8080:8080. This is a typical / sensible value for such a service.

You can change it's UID and GID to your liking by setting the following docker env vars:


By specifying an alternative uid and gid as a number, this lets you control which folder(s) nginx has read/write access to.

Add your host user account to the nginx group

This shouldn't really be necessary except for in the case of file uploads. If you do not wish change nginx's gid number you can instead permit your own host account(s) file access to nginx's folders by making them group permissions writable e.g. chmod 0664 and 0775.

On the host side you will need to create an nginx group, adding your own user account to be a member of the same group gid (the default value of nginx's gid is 8080). Copy-paste these commands:

sudo groupadd -g 8080 nginx
sudo usermod -a -G nginx $(id -un)

Docker Compose

Sorry there is no example for Docker Compose at this time. But you may do something similar:



    image: dreamcat4/nginx
      net: none
        - max-size=10m
        - max-file=2
        - /www
        - nginx_uid=65534
        - nginx_gid=65534
        - pipework_wait=eth0
        - pipework_cmd_eth0=eth0 -i eth0 @CONTAINER_NAME@
      detach: true

The pipework_ variables are used to setup networking with the dreamcat4/pipework helper image.

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