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ipxe + dnsmasq - pxe netboot for win10 and ubuntu
Full Description


  • Network boot your local PCs.
  • No disks, USBs or DVDs required!


This docker image contains:

  • dnsmasq server

    • pre-configured in proxy mode for replying to initial PXE boot request
    • with TFTP server, to send the initial boot file (official ipxe binary)
    • tested working for both legacy BIOS, and UEFI clients
  • ipxe

    • Versions for both BIOS mode and UEFI mode
    • ipxe provides better features, including:
      • understands http urls (faster than TFTP)
      • includes iscsi client driver (ATM for legacy BIOS only, not available in UEFI mode)
    • An example ipxe configuration file, including boot menu (pictured above)
  • nginx webserver, to send further boot files after ipxe is loaded up

  • Example pxe.default/ folder tree

    • Auto-populates your /pxe docker volume with pre-seeded example files and further instructions.
    • You will need to manually download / unpack certain files:
      • installer ISOs (namely the windows installer .ISO dvd, and ubuntu-desktop.iso)
      • assoiated boot files
    • The examples are made for the following operating systems:
      • ubuntu-16.04
      • win10
      • win7


  • Some time
  • To download the ISO files for the operating systems you wish to boot
  • As those cannot be re-distributed / downloaded from here.
  • To get these main -- SAMBA -- boot options working you also need to perform certain extra steps...


Follow instructions in the /pxe.default folder, how to unpack each PLACEHOLDER missing essential BOOT files. You can also see those needed files referenced in the boot.ipxe conf file.

  • Mount required installer ISOs each on separate local samba shares.
  • Can use something else e.g. dreamcat4/samba-iso helper image to do that with.


To get the ubuntu boot options working you also need to:

To get the ubuntu persistence mode working with casper-rw file, you will also need to:

Known Issues

Can't be 100% sure if these are going to affect other people. But the following issues were encountered during testing:


  • If the Win10 installer option (via WinPE environment) is booted, then no little 'Repair' button will appear on Setup.exe first screens, cannot launch into the windows recovery menu.

  • If the Win10 recovery menu is booted (ironically that is via 'clean' non-WinPE installer boot files). Then the same setup.exe launches, and the little 'repair' button appears. So the recovery menu can work. However without WinPE files, setup.exe cannot install windows.

  • Solution to above ^^ problem was to split into 2 separate boot items in the menu.

  • On some UEFI clients, Win7 setup.exe will take an exceeding long time to appear on the screen. Booting seems as-if hanged at 'Loading...'. Its just very slow. Other clients are fine.

  • If WinPE / Windows Installer is booted with iscsi lun attached (via ipxe's sanhook command). Then the disk is not visible / cannot be seen by the Windows installer.


  • Patched persistence mode with casper-rw file and home-rw file. Does not properly dismount partitions during shutdown.

  • Patched persistence mode with casper-rw file and home-rw file. Only seems to work for Legacy BIOS netboot. It does not appear to mount the persistence partitions if the computer is booted into UEFI mode.


What about Mac OS X?

Macs are a bit tougher to do. But it might be possible perhaps. Here is some useful resources for helping that:

BSDPy - for mac netbooting -

Booting into Mac OS X from iPXE menu -


  • pxe Version 1 - By Dreamcat4.
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