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OpenJDK is an open-source implementation of the Java Platform, Standard Edition
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Supported tags and respective Dockerfile links

  • 6b38-jdk, 6b38, 6-jdk, 6 (6-jdk/Dockerfile)
  • 6b38-jre, 6-jre (6-jre/Dockerfile)
  • 7u131-jdk, 7u131, 7-jdk, 7 (7-jdk/Dockerfile)
  • 7u131-jdk-alpine, 7u131-alpine, 7-jdk-alpine, 7-alpine (7-jdk/alpine/Dockerfile)
  • 7u131-jre, 7-jre (7-jre/Dockerfile)
  • 7u131-jre-alpine, 7-jre-alpine (7-jre/alpine/Dockerfile)
  • 8u131-jdk, 8u131, 8-jdk, 8, jdk, latest (8-jdk/Dockerfile)
  • 8u131-jdk-alpine, 8u131-alpine, 8-jdk-alpine, 8-alpine, jdk-alpine, alpine (8-jdk/alpine/Dockerfile)
  • 8u131-jre, 8-jre, jre (8-jre/Dockerfile)
  • 8u131-jre-alpine, 8-jre-alpine, jre-alpine (8-jre/alpine/Dockerfile)
  • 9-b170-jdk, 9-b170, 9-jdk, 9 (9-jdk/Dockerfile)
  • 9-b170-jre, 9-jre (9-jre/Dockerfile)
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