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This docker image will run BIND configured to accept dynamic updates using TSIG (RFC 2845) keys.
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BIND 9.9.4 - Changelog | Docker Hub

A docker image to run BIND configured to accept dynamic updates using TSIG (RFC 2845) keys.

BIND website :

Quick Start

Run BIND docker image:

docker run -p 53:53/udp drebes/bind

This starts a new container running BIND using the default configuration (see below) and listening on the default DNS UDP port.

Environment Variables

The container can be configured with the following environment variables:

  • BIND_DOMAIN_FORWARD: DNS zone the server will accept updates to. It must be a FQDN, that is, include the trailing .. Defaults to
  • BIND_DOMAIN_REVERSE: DNS zone the server will accept reverse record updates to. Defaults to
  • BIND_UPSTREAM: Comma-separated list (no spaces) of IP address to forward DNS requests to. Defaults to,
  • BIND_KEY_NAME: TSIG key name to be used when sending updates. Defaults to the value of $BIND_DOMAIN_FORWARD.
  • BIND_KEY_SECRET: TSIG key secret to be used when sending updates. Defaults to c3VwZXJzZWNyZXQ= (supersecret in Base64 encoding).
  • BIND_KEY_ALGORITHM: TSIG key algorithm to be used when sending updates. BIND supports the following algorithms: hmac-md5, hmac-sha1, hmac-sha224, hmac-sha256, hmac-sha384 and hmac-sha512. Defaults to hmac-md5.
  • BIND_INSECURE: if set (to any value), the server will not require TSIG authentication on updates, supporting instead standard RFC 2136 updates. Defaults to unset.

Environment variables can be set by adding the --env argument in the command line, for example:

docker run --env BIND_DOMAIN_FORWARD="" --env BIND_DOMAIN_REVERSE="" \
--env BIND_KEY_NAME="update-key." --env BIND_KEY_ALGORITHM="hmac-sha512"\
--env BIND_KEY_SECRET="c3VwZXJjYWxpZnJhZ2lsaXN0aWNleHBpYWxpZG9jaW91cw==" drebes/bind

Be aware that environment variables added in the command line are available at any time inside the container.

Data persistence

The directory /var/named/dynamic (BIND database files) inside the container is declared as a volume, so your DNS entries can be saved outside the container and the container can be restarted:

docker -v /data/bind:/var/named/dynamic drebes/bind

To ensure that your records get persisted, be sure to stop the container cleanly with docker stop.

You can also use data volumes. For more information, please refer to:


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