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Docker container that listen for connection on http port and run command on host. It can be used to start or stop a parent container ( after a given time ).


You have a big container/stack that consumes a lot of memory and dont need to be running 24x7.


NOTE: D.o.d. and target must be on same host.

Run listener on host

./files/ &

Start docker on demand using variables do define target container and target port.

docker run -p 8081:8081 -e LISTEN_PORT=8081 -e CLIENT_REFRESH_SECS=60 -e HOST_COMMAND_ON_START="docker start 429c28e5e606" -e HOST_COMMAND_ON_STOP="docker stop 429c28e5e606" -v /tmp/pipe-dod:/pipe -d -e CONTAINER_LIFETIME=5m -it drecchia/docker-on-demand:latest

Now when a http request is made at port 8081:

1. the d.o.d. container will die
2. host-listener will run $HOST_COMMAND_ON_START 
3. host-listener will fork a sleep thread waiting for $CONTAINER_LIFETIME
4. on timeout host-listener will run $HOST_COMMAND_ON_STOP
5. whe d.o.d. container will be started again.
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