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Dockerstead Minimal is a lightweight environment for Laravel and Lumen development
Full Description

Dockerstead Minimal

Dockerstead Minimal is a lightweight environment for Laravel and Lumen development. Unlike Homestead, this image is designed for API development thus only a handful PHP extensions are installed. The environment is composed of Nginx, PHP7, Redis, and PHP-FPM on Alpine Linux. For ultra-lightweight images, the PHP official repository has several PHP- and PHPFPM-only images.


For local development:

docker run -d -p 80:80 -v [path-to-laravel-project]:/var/www/app drewfle/laravel-dockerstead-minimal

For simulating production environment or deploying on server:

FROM drewfle/laravel-dockerstead-minimal:latest

WORKDIR /var/www
COPY app/ app/
RUN chown -R :www-data app && \
    chmod -R 750 app && \
    chmod g+s app && \
    chmod -R app app/storage && \
    chmod -R 775 app/bootstrap/cache

Launch an interactive terminal within Dockerstead Minimal:

docker exec -it [container-name/container-id] ash

Add additional packages:

FROM drewfle/laravel-dockerstead-minimal:latest

RUN apk --update\
    --repository= add \
    php7-mongodb \

RUN apk --update add \
    git \

# `--no-cache` tag doesn't work as intended, do it manually:
RUN rm /var/cache/apk/*

To modify Nginx or PHP-FPM conf file, just overwrite the existing /etc/nginx/nginx.conf or /etc/php7/php7-fpm.d/www.conf with ADD or COPY command or edit in place with sed in the Dockerfile.

Installed Packages


  • nginx
  • redis
  • php7-fpm
  • supervisor

Laravel minimal requirements (since Laravel 5.1, mcrypt is no longer needed):

  • php7
  • php7-openssl
  • php7-pdo_mysql
  • php7-mbstring
  • php7-session

Additional packages:

  • php7-pdo_sqlite
  • php7-json
  • php7-xml
  • php7-dom
  • php7-curl
  • php7-phar
  • php7-zip
  • php7-redis
  • php7-opcache
  • curl


/ # netstat -nlpt
Active Internet connections (only servers)
Proto Recv-Q Send-Q Local Address  Foreign Address State  PID/Program name
tcp        0      0*       LISTEN 10/redis-server
tcp        0      0*       LISTEN 8/nginx
tcp        0      0*       LISTEN 9/php-fpm.conf)
tcp        0      0 :::6379        :::*            LISTEN 10/redis-server
tcp        0      0 :::80          :::*            LISTEN 8/nginx
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