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Short Description
Jupyter/Scipy in a nice, ready to run package.
Full Description


Lab-in-a-box is a complete ipython notebook environment wrapped up in a docker image.


As a base, Lab-in-a-box provides the defacto standard packages:

  • iPython/Jupyter
  • Pandas
  • matplotlib
  • numpy
  • sympy
  • scipy
  • Latex support

This image also provides some extras and nice-to-haves:

  • Bokeh
  • geopandas
  • mpld3
  • NLTK
  • prettyplotlib
  • requests
  • scikit-learn
  • seaborn


Extension wise, the image is slim but the following extensions are loaded by default:

  • hide_input
  • execute_time
  • python-markdown
  • toc


Some cool notebooks are located in notebooks/.

Testing Functionality

Lab Tests.ipynb can be used to test various functionality provided by packages.


If you don't want to build it, you can run get to business with this:

echo "http://localhost:$(docker run -dPt -v ~/notebooks:/notebooks drewfradette/lab-in-a-box | xargs docker inspect | grep "HostPort" | head -1 | tr -d \" | awk '{print $2}')"

Then, simply open your browser up to the port shown after docker run.

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