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Wellington is a Sass wrapper enabling spriting and speedy builds
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Sass is the most mature, stable, and powerful professional grade CSS extension language in the world. Read more

Wellington uses libsass to compile very quickly, but also extends the language with several image functions and mixins not possible in the core Sass language.

Containerized Wellington can be used in a number of ways. To compile Sass on your local machine, bind a data volume with the Sass. To start the compilation, run this command.

docker run -v $(pwd):/data drewwells/wellington \
        wt -p /data/sass main.scss

To see a list of available options:
docker run drewwells/wellington wt -h

Wellington can also be run as a web server!

As a web server, you can post raw Sass and receive back compiled CSS. Images will need to be located on the server disk. As an demo, try

docker run -p 8080:12345 -v /opt/wellingtondata:/data \
    -e HOSTNAME=localhost:80 --restart=always \
    drewwells/wellington:latest \
    wt serve \
      --sass-dir /data/sass \
      --images-dir /data/img \
      -b /data/build \
      -gen /data/build/img

Generated CSS will be in $(pwd)/build and generated images in $(pwd)/build/img.

Or, spin up a Wellington web server that can take as input curl calls and respond with CSS.

docker run -e HOST=http://$(shell boot2docker ip):8080 \
    -it -p 8080:12345 -v $(current_dir)/test:/data \
    drewwells/wellington serve

To use it:

curl $(boot2docker ip):8080 \
  --data '$map: sprite-map("*.png"); div { background: sprite($map,"140"); }'
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