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fontcustom as a docker container
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FontCustom in docker container!

FontCustom is useful to generate glyph fonts for use for e.g. in twitter bootstrap

Read more about FontCustom

To assemble your own glyph font take a look at existing glyphs at The NounProject

How to run?

Default docker run drichner/fontcustom shows fontcustom help information.

I recommend using the script below because the local file location needs to be mapped to specific mounts in the container.

Helper script to run it in an environment like boot2docker or in coreos :


docker run -v ${PWD}:/project  drichner/fontcustom $@

if you are in your project directory you can execute ./fontcustom compile -n iconname -h ./vectors

Recommended font project structure:

This container expects the local project in the following layout:

|-projectdir/  will contain generated files
       |-vectors/    contains vector files


  1. create a projectdir anywhere on your drive: mkdir -p myproject/vectors
  2. copy some vectors into you vectors dir: cp /tmp/*svg myproject/vectors
  3. change into your project dir: cd myproject`
  4. Initialize the project YAML: ./fontcustom config ./vectors
  5. generate your icons: `./fontcustom -n test -h ./vectors'

This will result in a "test" directory containig your brad new icon file along with a preview page. Instructions on how to use them can be found on fontcustom's website

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