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Web based quad-panel display of slack channels
Full Description

slack-line is a web based app which allows you to simultaneously display four Slack channels

Configuration of the app is via environment variables:

SLACK_CLIENT_ID : Your client id
SLACK_CLIENT_SECRET : Your secret id
SLACK_CLIENT_CHANNELS : A json array of objects which contains the name of the slack channel and the name you wish to show on the webpage.

Example channel object:
"name": "my_channel",
"displayName": "All about my channel"

Example docker run command:
This will run slack-line as a daemon listening on host port 8001 and will always restart

docker run -d \
-p 8001:3333 \
-e SLACK_CLIENT_ID=12345.67890 \
-e SLACK_CLIENT_SECRET=super_secret \
-e SLACK_CLIENT_CHANNELS='[{"name":"channel_1","displayName":"Channel Alpha"},{"name":"channel_2","displayName":"Channel Beta"},{"name":"channel_3","displayName":"Channel Charlie"},{"name":"channel_4","displayName":"Channel Delta"}]' \

This app depends on a custom Slack app which is currently not publicly available.

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