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WARNING: Ths container has been deprecated in favor of a single all-purpose Drobo cross-compiler environment here: Github or Docker Hub.

Pull the container

This container is available from Docker Hub.

docker pull droboports/python-compiler

Build the container

docker build --tag="droboports/python-compiler"

Start a temporary interactive container

docker run --rm -t -i droboports/python-compiler

Build samba using a temporary interactive container

From the container prompt:

cd ~/build
git clone
cd samba
ls -la *.tgz

Using the container's build command

This container provides a special build command to build projects in git repositories.

The syntax is build project-name or build url.git, where project-name is the name of the DroboPorts project, and url.git is the URL of a git repository.

For DroboPorts projects, the name is the last component of the GitHub URL. For example, to build the project hosted by the repository, use the name samba.

To use the build command, first create a folder to host the resulting packages:

mkdir -p ~/dist
chmod a+rw ~/dist

Then start the container using the special build syntax:

docker run --rm --volume ~/dist:/dist droboports/python-compiler build project-name

Once the build is done, ~/dist will contain project-name.tgz. If no tgz or egg was produced, the docker container will start a bash shell.

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