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OLinuXino kernel development container

Building kernel using default config

Create new directory for kernel and modules

$ mkdir /tmp/new-kernel

Run docker container

$ docker run --rm -v /tmp/new-kernel:/data droid4control/olinuxino-kernel

Different kernel version

Default kernel version is 3.18.13. You can compile any kernel version using environment variable "VERSION"

$ docker run --rm -v /tmp/new-kernel:/data -e VERSION=3.18.13 droid4control/olinuxino-kernel

Own config

This docker container has one config file included. To use your own config file just copy it to the /data directory

$ cp myconfig /tmp/new-kernel/config

NB! This file will be overwritten with actual config (after use of menuconfig)

Build manually with menuconfig

$ docker run --rm -ti -v /tmp/new-kernel:/data droid4control/olinuxino-kernel

Multiple builds

Do not use "--rm" flag to build more than once using the same runnig container (download kernel source once)

$ docker run --name=mybuild -ti -v /tmp/new-kernel:/data droid4control/olinuxino-kernel /bin/true
$ docker start mybuild

Enter to the container and run "/root/" or commands manually

$ docker exec -ti mybuild /bin/bash
# /root/

Remove container afterwards

$ docker stop mybuild
$ docker rm mybuild

Building your own docker container

To build your own container just fork this repository or clone it

$ git clone
$ cd olinuxino-kernel
$ docker build -t olinuxino-kernel .
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