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A Raspberry Pi version of light-baseimage
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This is a Raspberry Pi 3 fork of the excellent "light-baseimage" available from @osixia on Github here:

See his Github page for information on usage and extensions. Here is his description: "A Debian based docker image to help you build reliable image quickly. This image provide a simple opinionated solution to build multiple or single process image with minimum of layers and an optimized build."

Note that some of the "available-services" may not work properly as they're hardcoded to download an x64 or x86 executable. I will be fixing these in the near future. The "cfssl" service does work properly and is compiled using a modern Go compiler on the Raspberry Pi 3. I cannot guarantee that it would work properly on the Pi1 or Pi2. (If there's interest in that, I can recompile for ARMv6.)

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