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Quick deploy of meteor-satchat: A Satellite Tracking and Webchat app written in meteor
Full Description

meteor-satchat is a combination web chat and ham radio satellite tracking app written in meteorjs.

meteor-satchat License: MIT; West's PredictLib.js and other Linux software licensed GNU GPL

See for more information


docker run -p 3000:3000 drpaulbrewer/meteor-satchat

open browser to http://localhost:3000 to view

This Docker image is mostly for development and experimentation. The development mongodb is used to run the app, which is fine provided there is no desire to archive chats, user passwords, or other settings -- these will be lost/reset if the container is stopped and a new container started. In production, you would probably want to bundle the app and have persistent data through a separate mongodb database.


FROM ubuntu:14.04
RUN apt-get update && apt-get --yes install curl git-core
# dont install nodejs manually -- meteor installs its own nodejs 
RUN curl | sh
RUN adduser --disabled-password satchat
WORKDIR /home/satchat
RUN su -c 'git clone' satchat
USER satchat
WORKDIR /home/satchat/meteor-satchat
ENV USER satchat
CMD git pull && meteor run
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