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build tester for multicoresql
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This is a docker image for building / testing multicoresql, a map/reduce parallel execution framework for sqlite. In this version the clang compiler is used to build C code.


FROM debian:latest
RUN apt-get update && apt-get --yes install git clang scons sqlite3
RUN mkdir -p /opt/github
COPY /opt/github/
CMD /opt/github/

#!/bin/bash -e
cd /opt/github
echo "Fetching multicore from github..." 
git clone
echo "...success"
cd ./multicoresql
mkdir -p ./build
echo "running scons -c to make clean..."
scons -c
echo "...success"
echo "running scons to make executables..."
echo "...success"
echo "running test script from ./test directory..."
cd ./test
echo "end of tests"
cd ..
echo "running installer"
scons install
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