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A compact image which contains Node6,python2,pip,yarn,zip. Useful for use with Bitbucket Pipelines.
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A lightweight (150M) Docker image useful for buliding webpack-based JavaScript/Typescript project.

I'm using Bitbucket Pipelines for building and testing SPA applications made with React.js.
There are official docker images by Atlassian, but that aren't suitable for my use-case by some reasons.

There is the official 'node' image but which doesn't contains the pip command and the boto3 module.
(I tried to install that on-the fly, by adding few lines to bitbucket-pipelines.yml, but it took very long time than I guessed)

  • After successful build, I want to upload it to Amazon S3 ( Python and the boto3 module required.)
  • The zip command required to package.

So I created this custom docker image.
It's lightweight(48MB compressed), and contains following packages.

  • node 6.9.1 7.4.0
  • npm 3.10.9 4.0.5
  • yarn 0.16.1 0.18.1
  • webpack 1.13.2 1.14.0
  • typescript 2.0.10
  • git 2.8.3
  • zip 5.3.0
  • python 2.7.12
  • pip 8.1.2
  • boto3 1.3.0 (Required for uploading packages to Amazon S3)
  • bash 4.3.42
  • findutils 4.6.0

I think it's useful as base image of your Bitbucket Pipelines CI.


# You can specify a custom docker image from Docker Hub as your build environment.
image: dseg/node6-python2-pip-yarn-alpine

      - step:
          script: # Modify the commands below to build your repository.
            - yarn install # prepare for build
        - yarn run build
            - cd dist
            - zip -r /tmp/ * # Package up the application for deployment
            - python deploy-scripts/ staging # Upload the package to Amazon S3
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