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GovOps Box

This is a base Docker image for the govops-box (GovOps on BusyBox) developed by Stefan Nastic (Distributed Systems Group, TU Vienna).

Getting Started

To start with the govops-box simply execute "docker pull dsgtuwien/govops-box".

After that you can run the govops-box by executiong "docker run --name gbox.9000 -p COREOS_PUBLIC_IPV4:HOST_PORT:80 -d govops-box", where COREOS_PUBLIC_IPV4 is the floating IP address of the CoreOS host and HOST_PORT is the CoreOS port accessible from the external network.

Since the previous command starts a container in the detached mode one can use nsenter to attach to the containers process.

More Information and the Dockerfile can be found under

Docker Pull Command