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run vpnc in a docker container on synology
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  • download the docker container (don't start it now, do the following steps first)
  • add a startup-script for tun on your synology: open a ssh session to your synology as root, do a cd /usr/syno/etc.defaults/rc.d, then download by doing a
    and make it executable by the following command:
    chmod +x /usr/syno/etc.defaults/rc.d/
  • add a config file for vpnc on your synology: still in ssh session do a
    cd /volume1/homes/YOUR_SYNOLOGY_USERNAME
    , then download vpn1.conf by doing a
    and edit it to your needs by doing a
    vi vpn1.conf
  • start the docker container in privileged mode by doing a
    docker run --privileged --name vpnc -d -t --volume /volume1/homes:/homes --cap-add=NET_ADMIN dsheyp/docker-vpnc
    this method for starting the container is only needed the first time (as the synology ui does not allow the --privileged option), if you have to restart the container later, you can do this via the docker ui interface provided by your synology

using vpnc:

  • in ssh console go into your docker container by doing a
    docker exec -it vpnc bash
  • in your docker container open a vpnc connection by doing
    vpnc /homes/YOUR_SYNOLOGY_USERNAME/vpn1.conf
  • create a mount point by doing
  • you can now mount a remote directory by doing
    mount.cifs // /homes/YOUR_SYNOLOGY_USERNAME/CHOOSE_A_MOUNT_POINT_NAME -o user=VPN_USERNAME,nounix,noserverino,iocharset=utf8
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