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A Docker container that builds and runs the Bioconductor website

In order to run this, you need to check out the website code from SVN
( or github
( Assuming you
check it out into the current directory, this will put the code in
a directory called If you already have a working
copy elsewhere on your disk, you can just provide the full path
to it on the command line(s) below.


On Linux, you need Docker
installed and
on Mac
or Windows
you need boot2docker installed and running.

Using the container

In order to run this container, do the following:

(If on linux, you may need to prepend all docker commands with sudo)

docker run  --rm --name website -P -v `pwd`/ \

The first time this command is run, it will pull down the dtenenba/
image which may take a few moments.

(If you want to view/edit the Dockerfile that produced this image, along with
this file, go to

By default (if you don't specify a command to run) the container will build the website.

Then you can determine the URL where the website is running with the script. On a Mac you can pass a URL to open to open it with
the default browser:

open `../`

On Linux you can open a specific browser on the command line with a URL, e.g.:

firefox `../`

If you want to build and view package landing pages, stop the container and restart it like this:

docker run --rm --name website -P -v `pwd`/ \
rake get_json && rake && adsf -r output 


  • enable (all of) dashboard to be built
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