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Git container based on dtgilles/sshgw.
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This gitolite (ssh) docker container is based on
So you can use it to build a combined hopping station and git repository.
-- Thanks to for all the inspiration!


This is currently a developer preview!


This container introduces a new environment variable: Directory GIT_DATA hosts
all the repository data as well as private ssh keys (for mirror feature). It
should be on an external volume.

A typical setup would be:

environment key example value comment
UserDir /data/user (see dtgilles/sshgw)
HomeBase /data/home (see dtgilles/sshgw)
HostKeys /data/sshd_keys (see dtgilles/sshgw)
SSHD_OPTS -e additional options for ssh daemon (log to stdout)
GIT_DATA /data/git repository storage location
TRUST_HOSTS hostname ot put in .ssh/known_hosts file
SSH_KEY ssh-rsa ... key of the first administrator (used for creation of admin repository)
EnableFeature D features to enable (in this case "delete repositories"), see
DisableFeature daemon gitweb features to disable, see

where /data mounted via --volumes-from option. Per Default there is a role named OWNERS that could be used to self-administer repository ownership. If you don't like that, you could disable that extending DisableFeature list by OWNERS.

Don't forget to backup /data!!

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