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Ruby on Kindle Paperwhite


Configuration Value
Ruby Source Code Directory /uchi/ruby-2.1.2
Installation Path /mnt/us/opt/ruby-2.1.2
Tarball Path /uchi/dist/ruby-2.1.2-kindle-k5.tar.gz
ncurses 5.6
readline 5.2


docker build -t kindle-k5-ruby .
docker run --name kindle-k5-ruby kindle-k5-ruby true
docker cp kindle-k5-ruby:/uchi/dist/ruby-2.1.2-kindle-k5.tar.gz .
docker rm 

Create a folder called opt in your Kindle,
and copy ruby-2.1.2-kindle-k5.tar.gz into it.

In the terminal,

cd /mnt/us/opt
tar xvzf ruby-2.1.2-kindle-k5.tar.gz

Test it!

/mnt/us/opt/ruby-2.1.2/bin/ruby -e 'puts "!DLROW OLLEH".reverse.capitalize'

How about IRB?

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