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Image for reviewboard
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Image which include reviewboard, a peer review tool.

This images work with:

  • mysql or postgresql database
  • Subversion and git SCM
  • memcached for the cache server

How to run it

You must link your database to this container with rb_db alias and the cache server with memcached alias

Run a database instance

docker run -d --name database -e MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD=reviewboard -e MYSQL_USER=reviewboard -e MYSQL_PASSWORD=reviewboard -e MYSQL_DATABASE=reviewboard mysql

Run memcache instance

docker run -d --name cache memcached

Run the Reviewboard and link it to cache and database server

docker run -d --name reviewboard -p "8000:8000" --link "cache:memcached" --link "database:rb_db" ducatel/reviewboard

The web interface is available on port 8000

You should use docker-compose to do that. An example of docker-compose.yml file is present in this repo.

Configuration variables

You can configure this images with some environment variables:

    • The database server you want to use. mysql or postgresql
    • Default value: mysql
    • The port of database you want to use.
    • Default value: 3306
    • The database name you want to use
    • Default value: reviewboard
    • The database user you want to use
    • Default value: reviewboard
    • The password associated to your database user
    • Default value: reviewboard
    • The login admin for the Reviewboard instance
    • Default value: admin
    • The password of Reviewboard admin
    • Default value: admin
    • The number of thread use by the web server
    • Default value: 10

Exposed volume

This container expose volume:

  • /media where the uploaded files are stored
  • /var/www where reviewboard conf are stored
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