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docker file for skydns2 base on centos 7

some knows about skydns

  • the domain must under /skydns directory in etcd
  • only support one domain, if you setup multiple domain, skydns will run confusion
  • the NS record must in the directory of /skydns/<your domain>/dns. For example, for the domain, the name server1:ns1 must set in /skydns/org/duffqiu/dns/ns1. you can add more record under the dns directory.
  • Unit file to configure the data of skydns must use etcdctl command, don't use the restful interface with curl
  • the hostname in the SRV/A record must longer than 2 letters.

skydns container

  • don't use -d to run the container
  • if you use global systemd unit, you need to make sure the hostname of docker host must be uneque.
  • for the global systemd uint, you need to go to the host to check the log with systemctl/journalctl because fleetctl doesn't support to check the global unit logs.

some notes about fleetctl

  • must run eval \ssh-agent` , and userssh-addd` to add your private key to ssh-agent. otherwise you can't access other docker host in the coreos cluster
  • it is better to have a look at systemd unit spec. don't trust the example in the internet overhead
  • you can use {1..n} to start mutiple services. for example, start 3 service {1..3}
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