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the zookeeper client tool in docker container

using below command to test zookeeper

  • docker run -it duffqiu/zookeeper-cli -server <zookeeper ip>:2181

  • note: if you run the zookeeper server under the same docker, it seems we can't user for the <zookeeper ip>. we need to use the docker0 ip.

dynamic fetch the docker0 ip when run the container.

  • # docker0_ip=$(/usr/bin/ip -o -4 addr list docker0 | grep global | awk '{print $4}'| cut -d/ -f1)
  • # docker run -it --rm duffqiu/zookeeper-cli -server $docker0_ip:2181
  • note: you also can use the eth0's ip

zookeeper server with service discovery

  • need to add --dns=<dns server name> and --dns-search=<domain name> when run the contianer
  • for example: docker run -it --rm --dns= --dns-search duffqiu/zookeeper-cli -server zookeeper-1:2181,zookeeper-2:2181,zookeeper-3:2181
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