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docker file for zookeeper 3.4.6

Standalone mode:

docker run -d --name zookeeper -p 2181:2181 duffqiu/zookeeper

If you are running docker in CoreOS, you still need to map the port in virtualbox for the port 2181 in CoreOS. And then you can use the to test the ZooKeeper

If you want to use your own config, just map your own config folder when run the container with -v <your config folder>:/zookeeper/conf

Replicated mode:

  • Get the config source from github:

  • Get the docker0 ip in the docker host. I use CoreOS as the host, run ip addr to check the docker0 ip. And the change all the configration file zoo.cfg under folder <1..3>/conf/. Modify the to your own docker0 ip.

  • Run node 1:

docker run -d --name zoo1 --hostname zoo1 -p 2181:2181 -p 2888:2888 -p 3888:3888 -v /root/docker/zookeeper/mutiple/1/conf:/zookeeper/conf -v /root/docker/zookeeper/mutiple/1/data:/zookeeper/data duffqiu/zookeeper

  • Run node 2:

docker run -d --name zoo2 --hostname zoo2 -p 2182:2181 -p 2889:2888 -p 3889:3888 -v /root/docker/zookeeper/mutiple/2/conf:/zookeeper/conf -v /root/docker/zookeeper/mutiple/2/data:/zookeeper/data duffqiu/zookeeper

  • Run node 3:

docker run -d --name zoo3 --hostname zoo3 -p 2183:2181 -p 2890:2888 -p 3890:3888 -v /root/docker/zookeeper/mutiple/3/conf:/zookeeper/conf -v /root/docker/zookeeper/mutiple/3/data:/zookeeper/data duffqiu/zookeeper

  • Note: /root/docker/zookeeper is your working space in the docker host. please correct it to your own working space

  • Note2: if you want to setup the zookeeper cluster across VMs, you need to change the ip to the docker host ip. And you also need to add the port forwarding the VM settings.

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