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python web model
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python web dev tools:

apt-get install --yes python-dev

apt-get install --yes python-pip

apt-get install --yes libmysqld-dev

apt-get install --yes uwsgi-plugin-python

apt-get install --yes swig

apt-get install --yes libssl-dev

apt-get install --yes pylint

apt-get install --yes libfreetype6-dev

easy_install pyxmpp2-2.0.0-py2.7.egg

pip install APScheduler==2.1.1

pip install SQLAlchemy==1.0.2

pip install xmltodict==0.9.2

pip install Cython==0.20.1

pip install MySQL-python==1.2.5

pip install pycrypto==2.6.1

pip install tornado==4.2

pip install DBUtils==1.1

pip install gevent==1.0.2

pip install ujson==1.33

pip install redis==2.10.3

pip install MarkupSafe==0.23

pip install Jinja2==2.7.3

pip install psutil==2.1.3

pip install credis==1.0.3

pip install pymysql==0.6.3

pip install gsocketpool==0.1.3

pip install mprpc==0.1.4

pip install Pillow==2.8.1

pip install gevent-websocket==0.9.5

pip install paho-mqtt==1.1

pip install docutils==0.12

Environment variables

  • GIT_RES_PATH: The repository of the git project
  • RUN_PATH: The run path in the git repository
  • HTTP_PORT: The port listening for http protocol when run
  • TCP_PORT: The port listening for tcp protocol when run
  • UDP_PORT: The port listening for udp protocol when run

Example usage:

sudo docker run -d --name fundtray_servermgr -p 16666:16666 -p 18888:18888 -p 16688:16688/udp -e GIT_RES_PATH= -e RUN_PATH=FundTray/server/workspace/common_server/service_mgr/ duruo850/python-web --is_extranet 1 --db_host --db_port 10306 --db_name xxxxx --db_user xxxxx --db_password xxxxx --http_port=16666 --tcp_port=18888 --udp_port=16688

sudo docker run -d --name fundtray_mmmda -p 20001:20001 -p 20002:20002 -e GIT_RES_PATH= -e RUN_PATH=FundTray/server/workspace/mmm_da/ duruo850/python-web --is_extranet 1 --sm_ip --db_host --db_port 10306 --db_user xxxxx --db_password xxxxx --http_port=20001 --tcp_port=20002

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