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This project is still under heavy development, it is not suited for
production use!

duse api

Duse is a cryptographic server client application created to securely share
secrets among signed up users. It is meant to be used for secrets such as
passwords and ssh-keys, but it can very well be used to encrypt and share

How It Works

Duse uses a combination of algorithms to build its cryptographic protocol.

The following are the high level steps a client has to do to share a secret
with this api.

  • Decide on what to share (password, ssh-key, etc.)
  • Decide who to share with and retrieve their profiles (containing their
    public key)
  • Encrypt the plaintext with AES256 with a random key and initialization
  • Apply Shamir's Secret Sharing to the key and initialization vector - One
    share for each user plus an additional share which is accessible by
    everyone belonging to the "server" user.
  • Encrypt each share with corresponding users public key
  • Sign each of the encrypted shares with the creating users private key
  • post all generated data to the api

A supported client implementation is
duse.rb. It is a ruby library which
consumes the duse api and provides a CLI.

API Documentation

Check out the interactive api documentation.

Setup (development)

You will need docker and docker-compose to start the application.

Then clone the repository

git clone

Once you have cloned the repository download the dependencies and build the
docker image

sudo docker-compose build

Then start the database container

sudo docker-compose up -d db

Now setup the database

sudo docker-compose run web rake db:create
sudo docker-compose run web rake db:migrate

Done! Start the api with the sudo docker-compose up command.

Setup (production)

For a production setup see duse-io/setup.

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