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MySQL Build Tools

Building and testing MySQL is challanging for several reasons:

  • There are multiple upstreams (MySQL, Percona, developer forks)
  • There are multiple series under active development (5.5, 5.6, 5.7, 8.0)
  • It has to be tested with several platforms, compilers, and build configurations

This tool aims to help with some of the above.

The idea

  • Multiple checkouts of a single git repository using git subtree
  • Tools for creating multiple build configs for any checkout
  • Running everything using docker, to support any linux distribution / configuration
  • Everything should be configurable using a python DSL

The specifics

  • There is one bare git repo called the master
  • There is a checkout for each series truck
  • There are topics for development
  • Each topic has a checkout of every relevant series
  • There can be any number of build configs for any checkout
  • Build configs are managed using variants (presets)


This is a highly experimental, mostly undocumented prototype.

Planned features

  • Logging everything in a structured manner
  • Providing a better console command (e.g. working directory awareness)
  • Providing a console

Quick start

# NOTE: this installs mbt in ~/mysql-build-tools and adds it to the user's path,
# no matter from where it's called
\curl -sSL | bash -s

mkdir workspace
cd workhspace
cp ~/mysql-build-tools/
mbt init


Create a new topic

mbt create-topic -t <name>

Create a new build configuration

mbt create-build -t <topic> -s <series> -v <variant> -- [additional args...]

This command invokes CMake.

Additional arguments are not yet supported.

Delete a build configuration

mbt delete-build -t <topic> -s <series> -v <variant>

Removes the given build directory.

Building with make

mbt make -t <topic> -s <series> -v <variant> -- [additional args...]

Any argument can be specified to make, e.g. targets, -j, VERBOSE=1, ...

Running the mtr tests

mbt mtr -t <topic> -s <series> -v <variant> -- [additional args...]

Cleaning up old branches

mbt cleanup [--force]

Prunes worktrees and removes branches that aren't checked out.
The --force option removes brances even when they have non merged changes.

Note that change detection looks buggy with git worktrees, so if the command reports that a branch has underged changes,
it could be a false positive.
Any argument can be specified to mtr, e.g. --parallel=auto, --force, ...

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