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WoW Analyzer

Use this tool to analyze your performance based on important metrics for your spec using a Warcraft Logs report.

You will need a Warcraft Logs report with advanced combat logging enabled to start. Private logs can not be used, if your guild has private logs you will have to upload your own logs or change the existing logs to the unlisted privacy option instead.

Run it:

Feature requests (and bug reports provided that you're not using one of Microsoft's browsers) are welcome! @Zerotorescue on Discord or create an issue here.


Want to add support for your spec or a module? See the contributing guidelines.

I will likely not have time to work on many more specs by myself, so the only way to get your spec in is to help build it.

Current specs:

  • Holy Paladin (maintained by @Zerotorescue)
  • Disc Priest (maintained by @Zerotorescue with considerable help from @Josh)
  • Resto Druid (maintained by @blazyb)
  • Resto Shaman (maintained by @versaya)


You are free to use pieces of this project for your own open source non-commercial projects. Other uses will be assessed on a case-by-case basis.

Usage of any API keys found in the source is not allowed. You must at all times use your own API keys.

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