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Automatically pull docker images by watching a list of images names stored in consul kv.
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Sidecar watches a list of images from consul kv via a key prefix. The value for each key under the prefix should be a string e.g., "image:tag" and sidecar will pull those images automatically into docker.


  • Install: npm i -g docker-sidecar
  • Run: sidecar --consul --dir 'test/images'
  • Also useable as a library via npm i docker-sidecar or as a Docker image.


  • In addition to pulling the current image list from the consul key-values, you can also specify the --bootstrap option and pass a path to a file with images to download at startup.
    • For example sidecar --consul --dir 'test/images' --bootstrap /path/to/bootstrap.json
    • See the bootstrap example json file

auth tokens

If using a private registry or a private docker image, sidecar uses the standard ~/.docker/config.json location for auth credentials.

For consul auth, you can use the env variable sidecar_auths__consul__token=token.


Included is a docker-compose.yml to serve as a starting point for a set of services. This includes consul, registrator, and the sidecar service all setup for you automatically via compose.

The example runs sidecar with the option --dir test/images which means it will watch the consul kv key prefix for changes.

Simply add a new consul key e.g., test/images/foo with value busybox:latest and hit update in consul (located @ HOST_IP or docker-machine ip default) and that image will be pulled into the configured docker.

start up our sidecar service

$ docker-compose -p sidecar build
$ docker-compose -p sidecar up

make sure we've got the latest busybox/ubuntu in docker/swarm :

$ curl -X PUT -d 'busybox:latest' http://$HOST_IP:8500/v1/kv/test/images/busybox
$ curl -X PUT -d 'ubuntu:latest' http://$HOST_IP:8500/v1/kv/test/images/ubuntu

refresh the busybox image again (imagine a webhook writing these eventually):

$ curl -X PUT -d 'busybox:latest' http://$HOST_IP:8500/v1/kv/test/images/busybox
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