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OpenLDAP on Alpine
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OpenLDAP SLAPD on Alpine Linux

The memberOf (with refint) overlay is installed and configured for groupOfUniqueNames.


docker run -itd -p 389:389 dweomer/openldap

Modifying Init/Runtime Behavior


declare -x LDAP_DOMAIN

Defaults to if not overridden.


Default value is domain. Supports any objectClass or combination thereof that allows for the dc aka domainComponent and o aka organizationName attributes, e.g.

export LDAP_DOMAIN_OBJECTCLASS="organization
objectClass: dcObject"

declare -x LDAP_SUFFIX

By default this is generated from LDAP_DOMAIN, e.g. dc=example,dc=com for the default value of such, but one could as easily pass or any other legitimate distinguishedName supported by the objectClass.


Defaults to the value of LDAP_DOMAIN if not overridden.

declare -x LDAP_PASSWORD

If not specified this is the string 'lderp!' concatenated with the first domainComponent from LDAP_DOMAIN. So, lderp!example for the default value of LDAP_DOMAIN. This will be the password for the bind dn of cn=admin,${LDAP_SUFFIX}, e.g. cn=admin,dc=example,dc=com.


The first time the container starts up it will look for any files under the /srv/openldap.d/ hierarchy and process them in lexical order. Right now the only supported file extensions are .sh and .ldif, everything else is ignored.

If not already present, /srv/openldap.d/000-domain.ldif is created prior to such processing so that it will be picked up. This will create an organizationalUnit for user accounts with RDN cn=users and for user groups with RDN cn=groups.


See the LICENSE file in this repository.

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