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Logspout Image


This repo contains the artifacts necessary to build a logspout docker image. Logspout reads metrics and events from the Docker engine and publishes them to a syslog endpoint.


The logspout image needs the following environment variables:

  • KV_IP - the IP address which provides the key/value endpoint, when using this image with a stack the docker0 IP address can be used, e.g.
  • KV_PORT - the port on which the key/value endpoint is listening, when using this image with a stack, 9109 should be used
  • OCCS_LOGSTASH_KEY - the key prefix in the key/value store for the logstash services; when using this image with a stack the value can be derived with {{sd_deployment_containers_path "logstash" 5000}} (where "logstash" is the name of the logstash services in the stack YML)


When running the logspout container, a host volume needs to be mounted for the docker sock file. For example, run a container with:

docker run -e ... -v /var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/docker.sock ...

The entrypoint for this image is a shell script which uses the OCCS_LOGSTASH_KEY to look up the logstash service's IP address and port running in the cluster. Once the Ip address is found, logspout is started up pointing at the syslog listener in logstash:

/bin/logspout syslog://$OCCS_LOGSTASH_IP
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