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Fuse compatible ssh image
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FUSE ssh docker image

This project builds an ssh accessible docker image for JBoss Fuse that can be used to auto create a managed server by the admin node.


Run the image:

docker run -it -p 22:22 dwi67/jboss-fuse-6.3-ssh

The image can be accessed using:

ssh user@localhost

The default password is admin.

Ports Opened by Fuse

You may need to map ports opened by the Fuse container after installation to host ports if you need to access it's services.
Those ports are:

  • 8181 - Web access (also hosts the Fuse admin console).
  • 8101 - SSH Karaf console access

Other ports

You can access the image using ssh on port 22, user = user and password is admin.

Image internals

This image extends the jboss/base-jdk:8 image which adds the OpenJDK distribution on top of the jboss/base image. Please refer to the for selected images for more info.

The server is run as the jboss user which has the uid/gid set to 1000.


The source is available on GitHub.

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