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MariaDB in Docker container.
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docker-mariadb is an Debian Docker image for MariaDB containers.


This image is forked from Dylan Lindgren's MariaDB project. The Dockerfile was also used as a reference.

Getting the image

This image is published in the Docker Hub. Simply run the below command to get it on your machine:

docker pull dylangmiles/docker-mariadb

Understanding the image

This image adheres to the principle of having a Docker container for each process.

The image is constructed from the following layers:

  • debian:jesse
  • MariaDB 10.1

All data is redirected to the /data/mariadb/data location and when this is mapped to the host using the -v switch then the container is completely disposable.

The startup script (which is the containers default entrypoint) checks /data/mariadb, and if it's empty it initialises it by running the /usr/bin/mysql_install_db command, and then runs /usr/bin/mysqld_safe with an initial SQL file which ensures the database is securely configured for remote access. If the /data/mariadb folder contains data then it just runs /usr/bin/mysqld_safe.

The steps that are performed to secure the database:

  • Sets the root password as abc123 Note - you should change this!!
  • Sets full privileges for root'@' is the IP address of the docker0 interface on the docker host. This allows you to connect from an OSX host through an ssh tunnel into the docker host and from there a connection to the MariaDB port of 3309 can be made into the container. This is great for getting up and running dev environment easily.

Creating and running the container

To create and run the container:

docker run --privileged=true -v /data/mariadb:/data/mariadb:rw -p 3306:3306 -d --name mariadb dylangmiles/docker-mariadb
  • -p publishes the container's 3306 port to 3306 on the host
  • --name sets the name of the container (useful when starting/stopping).
  • -v maps the /data/mariadb folder as read/write (rw).
  • -d runs the container as a daemon

To stop the container:

docker stop mariadb

To start the container again:

docker start mariadb

Notes on volume and mount permissions

There are difficulties with mapped volume permissions when running Docker on OSX using Boot2Docker or the dev docker host shipped with Kitematic.

The problem comes into play because the container runs as the user mysql (uid:999) and the default /Users mount in dev docker host is owned by the docker user. As a result the container running as mysql does not have write permissions to the physical directory on the OSX host.

To get this working:

  • Create a directory on your host machine: mkdir ~/Development/Storage/database
  • Run machine-docker ssh and create a directory: sudo mkdir /database in the dev docker host.
  • Open VirtualBox and create a shared folder mapping called database and mapped to the directory you created on your OSX host: ~/Development/Storage/database
  • Mount the directory with a uid and guid of 999 (The mysql uid). You can run this command from your OSX host: docker-machine ssh dev 'sudo mount -t vboxsf -o "defaults,uid=999,gid=999,rw" database /database'. You will need to re-run the mount each time the dev docker host is started.

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