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App to estimate how much using the web may affect nature. Made during the Valtech Hackathon May 16'
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Greenhub is a simple web application to give people more insight on how much resources the web can use.
It was developed during the Valtech hackathon which topic was about pollution ( #HackValtech

This application is developped with Ember.js and Sails.js. It uses sails-generate-ember-blueprints to bind the backend and the frontend together.

Greenhub is a webpage where everyone who is connected can see the estimated global footprint of the group.

Run greenhub at home

A public Docker Image of greenhub is available on the Docker Hub. If you wish to run it quickly just type:

docker run -p 80:1337 dynamiccast/greenhub

Build from repository

A Dockerfile is available to build the app from scratch.

docker build -t greenhub .
docker run -p 80:1337 greenhub

One more thing

There is an easter egg hidden in the app ;)

Docker Pull Command