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Docker container used to compile Redis for use as a DynomiteDB backend.
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Build Redis

The build-redis container provides a clean, reusable and immutable build environment in which to compile the Redis backend for DynomiteDB.

The build-redis container performs the following steps:

  1. git clone the Redis repository from GitHub
  2. Compile Redis
  3. Create a .tgz package
  4. Create a .deb package

Compiling Redis has two discrete steps:

  1. Build the build-redis Docker image (automated via DockerHub)
  2. Compile Redis

Building the build-redis Docker image is automated by DockerHub. Therefore, you only need to run the commands below to compile Redis.

Compile Redis


build-redis supports optional flags:

  • -v tag-version: Specify a tagged release to build based on GitHub tags. If -v is not used then the unstable branch is used for the build.
  • -d [mode]: Default mode is production which enables optimizations. debug mode disables optimizations. Possible values: debug, production.
  • -t target: Specify a make build target.

Build tagged version

Build Redis using a tagged version. For example, to build the tagged release 3.0.7 execute the command below.

It is strongly recommended that you build a specific tagged Redis version as shown below.

docker run -it --rm -v $PWD:/src dynomitedb/build-redis -v 3.0.7

Build unstable branch

Run build-redis without any arguments to compile Redis from the unstable branch. This option is only recommended for testing and not production usage.

docker run -it --rm -v $PWD:/src dynomitedb/build-redis

Build Redis debug binary

Create a debug build with the -d flag.

docker run -it --rm -v $PWD:/src dynomitedb/build-redis -d

Manually build the build-redis image

The build-redis Docker image, which is used to compile Redis, is automatically built via DockerHub. The automated build is located at

However, you can manually build the build-redis image by executing the commands shown below.

First, clone the docker-build-redis repo.

mkdir -p ~/repos && cd $_

git clone

cd ~/repos/docker-build-redis

Next, create the build-redis image.

docker build -t dynomitedb/build-redis .
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