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#Operator APIs for Operator UI (


  1. [POST] /auth/login

    • username
    • password
    • [RETURN] jwt-token OR error message
  2. [GET] /auth/logout

    • [RETURN] success or fail
  3. [GET] /profile

    • [RETURN] operator's profile json object
  4. [POST] /password

    • UPDATE operator's password, RETURN success or failed
  5. [GET] /settings

    • [RETURN] json object, one object each game/lottery
  6. [GET] /users?parameters...

    • [RETURN] the users belongs to this operator with pagination
  7. [GET] /history?parameters...

    • [RETURN] the game history belongs to this operator with pagination
  8. TBD

#mysql -u root

#use mysql;

#update user set password=PASSWORD("secret") where User='root';

#create database homestead;

#flush privileges;


#cd /var/www/html/bs

#php artisan migrate ;php artisan db:seed

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