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OpenVPN server on-demand for AWS
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OpenVPN On-demand for AWS

The OpenVPN server is created on-demand on AWS and the client establishes the
tunnel automatically.


docker run -ti -e AWS_SUBNET=subnetId
    -v $HOME/.aws:/.aws       # for credentials used by AWS
    -v /tmp/aws:/var/run/aws  # for tracking AWS instance id
    easeway/ovpn-connect-aws --wait=180

The above command establishes an OpenVPN tunnel into AWS subnet subnetId.
Please note, the volume mapped to /var/run/aws is important:

  • /var/run/aws/server-instance-id: keep the instance id of OpenVPN server VM
  • /var/run/aws/server-public-ip: the public IP of OpenVPN server

It's necessary to do housekeeping removing the OpenVPN server using
server-instance-id when no longer needed.

Here are environment variables:

  • AWS_SUBNET: required, subnetId or cidrBlock
  • AWS_SECURITY_GROUPS: security group Ids
  • AWS_KEY: key pair name if you want to ssh into OpenVPN server VM
  • AWS_IMAGE: AMI image for VM, default is ami-0eacc46e which is CoreOS-stable-835.9.0-hvm
  • AWS_INSTANCE_TYPE: default is t2.nano
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