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Kuali Financial System 6 Container for the University of Arizona
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University of Arizona Kuali Financials Docker Container

This docker project defines an image which is used for our main Financial system.

Run as a background container

If running in dev, use:

docker run -d --name kfs \
 -v /kuali-configs/configuration/dev:/configuration:ro \
 -v /var/log/kuali:/logs \
 -v /transaction/data/fs/dev:/transactional \
 -v /kuali-configs/security/dev:/security:ro \
 -e KFS_ENV_NAME=dev \
 -p \
 -p \
 easksd/kfs6 /usr/local/bin/tomcat-start

You need to map in 4 different mount points that the container script looks in for its configurations. You also need to pass in the 3 letter code for the environment type, i.e. dev, tst, stg, etc.

Running Interactively

sudo docker run -it --name kfs-fischerm -v /kuali-configs/configuration/dev:/configuration:ro -v /var/log/kuali:/var/opt/kuali/logs -v /transaction/data/fs/dev:/transactional -v /kuali-configs/security/dev:/security:ro --entrypoint /bin/bash easksd/kfs6
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