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This container is a simple Apache server used to proxy traffic to other Docker containers running on the tools box. The assumtion is that we are using linking to allow the apache container to communicate with the other tools containers.

The base container for this project is the easksd/apache. This is where the startup script is defined. Please also see that project for other configuration requirements.

This means we should use standard names for deploying the tools containers so the linking works properly and we have the coorect domain names setup automatically for us in the /etc/hosts file.

Currently we have the following tools containers configured for apache to proxy traffic to:

Tool Docker Name Docker Image Tag GitHub Project/Branch
Jenkins ksd-tools-jenkins easksd/jenkins latest
Nexus ksd-tools-nexus sonatype/nexus oss

Environment Variables

The following environment variables need to be set for this container:

  • SERVER_NAME - ServerName (url) variable for kuali tools. See the base project documentation for more info.


In the base project we define a volume for the security directory. This contains secure keys required for shib to work. The security share should be mounted on the host and shared with the container at /security


Here is an example command to run this container:

$ docker run -d \ 
    -p 80:80 \
    -e ""
    --name ksd-tools-apache \
    --link ksd-tools-jenkins:ksd-tools-jenkins \
    --link ksd-tools-nexus:ksd-tools-nexus \
    -v /kuali-configs/security/tools/apache/:/security
    easksd/tools-apache \
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