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Official build of EasyMail.
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What is EasyMail?

EasyMail is an open source product which allows you to build a mail server on your own machine, with your own domain name, to create as many email accounts as you want and to send as many emails as you want.

Access via:


  • STARTTLS on port 143
  • SSL on port 993


  • STARTTLS on port 110
  • SSL on port 995


  • STARTTLS on port 587
  • SSL on port 465

Supported services

The following gravitating services are provided:

  • SSL and TSL access
  • Unlimited domains and accounts
  • Roundcube webmail interface
  • Mail forwarding
  • Auto configuration for Microsoft Outlook, Thunderbird and many more.
  • Integration with Let's Encrypt
  • API for managing EasyMail
  • UI for managing EasyMail

How to use this image?


export E="" && wget -qO- | sh

Before you run the command replace YOUR_DOMAIN_NAME with the domain name of your mail server. For example:

In our case the tag "vX.Y.Z" corresponds to the version of EasyMail which you would like to use. For example, if you want to build a new container based on version 1.0 you will have to use the following tag "v1.0". For more information about the available releases, you can check here


For further information, please visit our official website



EasyMail is open-sourced software licensed under the MIT license.

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